About Network of Mediterranean Gardens

Gardens in the Mediterranean

GardMed is the network of Mediterranenan gardens planned by the GardMed Project as a collaborative community system sharing news, practical information and experience between private people and public institutions with common interests and goals in conservation, fruition and management of Mediterranean gardens.

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GardMed network ensures technical and scientific supports to garden community and provides useful communication tools for increasing public awareness of gardens with the main goals of highlighting their historical heritage and naturalistic value, improving promotion, responsible use and sustainable development of gardens as powerful local resource.

First aim is to induce and support the necessary transformational changes of Mediterranean gardens towards environmental and social sustainable development: Instead of being inaccessible, costly and social ineffective sites, gardens need to become smart investments for promoting green culture and garden policy priorities, and fostering sustainable tourism, mainstreamed into local traditions, environment and economy.

GardMed network contributes to maintain and improve the distinctiveness of Mediterranean gardens, strengthened by the historical and cultural role, the architectural elements and design, the unique mix of aesthetic manners and plant diversity.

The network also attempts to enhance the role of gardens in renovating local culture and tourist offer, as they are privileged site for tracing close relationships between people and nature.

Other important tasks of GardMed network are providing widespread dissemination and greater visibility of Mediterranean gardens; popularizing their historical, artistic, cultural and botanical heritage; offering practical help and mentoring for garden governance and management; promoting ecological and social sustainability as well as economic self-reliance.

All these targets will be achieved thanks the GardMed website at www.gardmed.com including garden directories with information and contacts, descriptions, map, plant list, photogallery, reference list, events calendar, and many useful links.

GardMed network’s accomplishments also include information products, advertising campaign, promotional gadgets, communication strategies addressed to public awareness-raising and people involvement, such as cultural conventions, art events and exhibitions, and the pursuit of grants and alternative funding opportunities for participating gardens.

Starting from the eighteen Mediterranean gardens, sited in Malta and Sicily, involved in the GardMed project, the network has the ambitious goal of becoming the main reference and support for many other Mediterranean gardens, representing a showcase of hidden treasures and serving as a central organization to share interests, knowledge, technical assistance and partnerships in order to promote and worldwide spread the Mediterranean garden culture and style.